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Basschat Yorkshire Bass Bash

The Basschat Yorkshire Bass Bash, which took place in Harrogate at the weekend, saw the area’s bassists and basses get together. It was organised via the popular Basschat.co.uk web forum, and I was invited along to give a talk.

For a bass nerd like me, it was great to be in an enclosed space with so many amazing instruments, talking to so many musicians about what they like best about their basses. I also got to geek out on some great rigs.

Some of my customers were in attendance, and they brought some of my custom basses along.  It was nice to see people enjoying my instruments; it’s always  great compliment when you see someone rocking out on a guitar that you have made.

Ross, one of my regular customers, decided that one was not enough.  Three Jim Fleeting Basses: 24 strings in total.  That should be sufficient for one man, surely?

The planned slideshow was not to be, but I think I managed to entertain this hairy crowd with my talk on luthiery.  It was technical in places, but I think I managed to keep the crowd.  I figured that an internet forum meet-up would produce at least a few people who are as nerdy as I am on the subject.

Dare I say it, these people seem genuinely interested!

The whole event was extremely well-organised and supported.  I am looking forward to the next one, and if you are a bass player I recommend that you get on Basschat.co.uk and see if you have a good local representation there. If if there isn’t a regular meet-up in your area, why not organise one?  They are great fun – but expect a throbbing headache the next day.