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Michael Henderson Starship

MichaelHenderson-NormanConnors_MG_2235 Michael Henderson is a bass player with an extraordinary Pedigree.

At 17 years old he was touring with Stevie Wonder when Miles Davis spotted him.  Miles saw Stevie after the gig and said simply “I’m takin’ your bass player”.  Michael then stayed with Miles for 7 years, appearing on some of the most influential fusion records of all time.

As a memeber of the Motown stable, Michael has played with such greats as Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, so I was delighted when Michael contacted me to commision a bass.

jim+Micheal“It’s going to be the Starship Bass” said Michael.  When I asked him what he wanted, he simply said “You’ll know.  Just come to my gig”.

I saw Michael play at Ronnie Scott’s and we talked about what he needed.  Having played a Jazz bass for 40 years, it was clear that that was a good place to start.

“What if you could flick a switch, and it was a Stingray?” asked Michael, so we decided to use the Delano Hybrid system.


Michael Henderson Starship Bass

From there the Michael Henderson Starship Bass was born.  Named after Michael’s platinum selling hit “You are my Starship”, the bass has a swept forward look and a small pointy headstock, as if it is moving forwards.  The dot markers all have moons in orbit around them, and the 12th fret inlay is a silhouette of a ’50s style starship.

Michael Henderson Starship BassSpecsMichael2

  • 34″ ScaleEbony top and Headcap
  • Quilted maple back and rear headcap
  • Ash body
  • 7-Pice Maple and Purpleheart neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • 1.5″ Nut width
  • Bolt on neck
  • Hipshot Ultra-Lite tuners
  • ABM Bridge
  • Delano Hybrid Bridge Pickup
  • Delano JC4AL/H Neck Pickup
  • Delano Hybrid 2 Band Elctronics


All Starship Basses are custom made, and can be altered to your own specs, including multiple strings, different woods and electronics etc.  The standard Starship bass is £1950 and includes a hard case.  Please contact me if you wish to own one of these fantastic basses.

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