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Assessments & quotations for any instrument are free of charge

Guitar Set-Ups

Prices apply to both acoustic and electric guitars.

While-u-wait service whenever possible.

Standard Set-Up is £30 + set of strings

  • action adjustment
  • truss rod adjustment
  • intonation set using a chromatic tuner.
  • fingerboard cleaned and oiled
  • frets polished
  • restringing
  • clean and polish

Deluxe Set-Up is £45 + set of strings

Guitars used for recording or for regular gigs will benefit the most from this set-up, which combines TLC with precision tuning.   In a deluxe set-up the instrument’s intonation is set using a digital strobe tuner, accurate to 1/1000 of a semi-tone.

  • action adjustment
  • truss rod adjustment
  • intonation set using a digital strobe tuner
  • fingerboard cleaned and oiled
  • frets polished
  • restringing
  • clean and polish

Please note – 12-String Guitars and Guitars with Floyd-Rose style tremelo systems are £45 for a standard set-up.

General Repairs – Guitars
Nut Replacement – custom-carved bone nut £50
Nut Replacement – plastic £15
Frets: Level, Crown and Polish £75
Refret: Complete £175
Refret: Partial £65 + £10 per fret
Re-glued Headstock From £80
Fingerboard Repair From £40
Conversion to Fretless £110
Custom Inlay
This can be to your own design, or Jim can create a design especially for you, in materials of your choice, including abalone and mother-of-pearl.
From £50

Acoustic Guitar Repairs
Pickup Installation – Soundhole
(price of pickup not included)
Pickup Installation – Beneath Saddle
(price of pickup not included)
Saddle Replacement – custom-carved, compensated bone saddle £45
Bone Nut and Saddle Replacement – custom-carved, compensated saddle £85
Saddle Replacement – plastic £15
Scratchplate Replacement £25
Crack Repair From £50
Re-cut Saddle Slot £40
Re-glued Bridge £75
Bridge Plate Retainer – custom-made £50
Neck Reset From £175
Electric Guitar Repairs
Pickup Replacement
(price of pickup not included)
Output Jack Replacement £20
Potentiometer Replacement £20
Selector Switch Replacement £30
Complete Rewire £60
 Violin repairs
Bridge Replacement £20
Soundpost Reset £20
Peg Replacement £10 Each
£35 for 4
Crack Repair Ask for Quote
Chin Rest From £10
End Pin £10


Resprays are available in Nitrocellulose Lacquer.  Spray work will only be completed in the following circumstances:

  • It is part of a repair that requires it.
  • A guitar has a non-original finish that you wish to restore to it’s original.

I won’t remove the original finish of a guitar.

All other instruments / repairs - please ask for prices.

Please note: the prices listed above are guides. Prior assessments and quotations are recommended, particularly if instruments are severely damaged. Unless otherwise stated, prices are exclusive of supplies.